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A tattoo is an art form that boosts your appearance and emotion. Tattoo is been in fashion since late 50’s but now created the fashion statement. Tattoo is a permanent ink on your body. It can be everywhere from your head to toe. Out of these one that is most prevailing is the thigh tattoo. Thigh tattoo is for both genders but they are more famous among the women. For girls their thigh is a daring place and bold for a tattoo. Apart from this, Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs for Women is easy to be hidden in case your profession does not allow you to wear a tattoo.

Like Sleeve tattoo, Thigh tattoo can also be classified as half thigh tattoo and full thigh tattoo. Full thigh tattoo are the large themed tattoo that are inked your thigh covering a portion of your skin while the half thigh tattoo covers only a little portion of your outer thigh. Are you obsessed with you sexy thighs? Then get a tattoo over it.

  • Thigh tattoo is gaining popularity because of the large canvas that it offers to artists.
  • The artist can show their creativity more skillfully and artistically. Thigh tattoo are very easy to hide. So ladies, don’t worry about your sexy thigh tattoo while you are in office.

Thigh Tattoo Aftercare

As we all know, tattoo brings a lot of after care. This is also applicable with the one on your tight. Once you get the tattoo done on your thigh, it is very important to take after care to stay away allergies and reactions.

  • Bandaging Your Freshly Done Tattoo: Once your Tattoo Artist has finished applying your Tattoo ask him to bandage it. Bandage will provide protection against external dust particles and foreign bacteria. After 4-6 hours you can remove the bandage
  • Anti-Bacterial Ointments: Tattoo is an open wound; thus use anti Bacterial ointments such as Neosporin, Bacitracin, A&D Ointment regularly until your tattoo get heal.
  • Avoid scrubbing and shaving the area: Harsh activities with skin such as scrubbing and shaving can disturb the healing of tattoo.
  • Do not slather your tattoo: Slathering will cause the skin to pucker, scab more certainly and heavily can result in loss of some pigment.
  • Wear loose clothing: Try to wear loose clothing for first 3-4 days of healing and make sure it does not rub with your tattoo. Keep your tattoo moisturize.

How much does Thigh tattoo hurt?

Tattoo is a beautiful body art that stays with you permanently. However the intensity of thigh tattoo’s pain is not fixed.

  • It varies from woman to woman. Some define the pain as the sting or pinch while other defines as severe burning sensation.
  • Thigh contains a lot of fat and muscles unlike wrist, foot, elbow. Therefore pain sensation at thigh is relatively low. But if you have skinny thigh then it will hurt you like other places.

How much a thigh tattoo cost me?

This is the question that absolutely pop in your mind. The answer is there is no fixed rate list for a sexy thigh tattoo design. There are a lot of factor that decide the cost of your tattoo. Some of which include the following.

  • Your tattoo designer popularity
  • The size of your tattoo
  • Complexity of your tattoo
  • Waiting line in the tattoo studio.

These are the factors that put on the cost you tattoo. However it is advised to get a tattoo done from a skilled artist. Don’t play with your body just for few bugs.

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