The trend in outfits where the gray color predominates is becoming very strong to the world of fashion,so you want to give these ideas so that you can start them to implement in your day to day and so take your style to another level.

Something that you should take into account if you want to achieve the style in this tone, is that you can combine it with other colors to achieve contrasts that make a balance. They are our favorite to match the gray colors: pink, black, white, gold and red.

An excellent idea is to implement these combinations with minimalist styles. Rely on accessories such as handbags clutch or dark glasses to see even with more attitude.

It is wonderful how these colors can make you look elegant when you want to feel more comfortable. Perfect to go to school or even for your work (if they allow this dress code).

The most important thing is that these outfits fits your budget and dare to go out with them. Only thus can gradually, go knowing more what you goes well and what you does feel more or less secure of you same.

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