Most Beautiful Finger Tattoos That are Insanely Popular

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There’s always been a discussion as to whether or not finger tattoos are a good idea. Why you ask? Finger tattoos are known to blur rather quickly when compared to other tattoos. But don’t worry they’re not going to rub off anytime soon. Your finger tattoo will still be there forever it just might start to lose it’s crispness before say a tattoo on your wrist or arm. But that hasn’t stopped 10’s of thousands, perhaps even 100’s of thousands of people from getting finger tattoos already so if they seem like something you can’t live without and you don’t mind if they look a little less than focused 20 years down the road, we’ve got some pretty sweet examples picked out for you today to hopefully help you narrow down a design choice. Enjoy!

These dot work designs.

These cool creations.

Featuring a brain, eagle head, eagle claw, and moth, these four finger tattoos would look great on either a male or female hand. 

These dot work designs.

Many finger tattoos are influenced by traditional mehndi designs as they tend to focus primarily on the fingers and hands. Mehndi, also referred to as Henna, is a paste like substance used by certain cultures to decorate their hands for festive occasions such as weddings, or traditional ceremonies.

These minimalistic dots and lines.

It’s amazing how such a simple design can be so elegant and alluring. These designs probably took a whole 10 minutes to do.

This watercolor cat.

South Korean tattoo artist IDA always manages to create the most amazing watercolor tattoo designs. From tiny cat’s on fingers to large feathers and koi fish, IDA’s creations are always tasteful and unique.

This purple gem.

“This was hard,” said tattoo artist Helena Darling about this particular finger tattoo design. Well, it looks pretty good so the hard work definitely paid off.

This wicked skull.

This black and grey ink skull looks a lot like a Mexican sugar skull. 

These cool lines.

Linear finger tats always look so interesting. These four diagonal lines all run parallel to each other creating a unique a single continuous line when the fingers are bunched into a fist.

This tiny colorful heart.

This white and black ink rose.

Here we have a tiny black and white ink finger tattoo placed right where a wedding band would go.

This elegant design.

This Raven claw ring.

This blue and booze finger tattoo is the crest of the Hog wart’s house Raven claw from the Harry Potter series.

This little low rider design.

Definitely the coolest design on the list, here we have a low rider—or perhaps a truck—that comes together only when the subject brings his thumbs together.

These decorative chains.

They really don’t have a name yet but we’ve decided to dub them “dangling chains” in honor of the fact that they’re, well, dangling chains. While a relatively recent trend, these hanging beaded chains often feature charms or other ornamental branches and are usually affixed to larger tattoos to provide that extra level of decadence.

This cool ring finger tattoo.

This mandala-esque design features a heavy black band in the break.

This tiny margarita.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Well, actually it’s only 5 o’clock somewhere for 48 seconds each day but we know, the term just means it’s quitting time and a refreshing alcoholic beverage is in order.

These cool designs.

Another awesome assortment of vertex’s and dots.

This awesome tiger.

Tigers, lions, owls, and a few other members of the animal kingdom have become widely popular finger tattoos are the reason is obvious; they’re awesome!

These tiny red lips.

As far as sexy and seductive finger tattoos go, this one might just come out on top once all the votes are in. 

This shark tooth.

Did you know sharks typically lose at least one tooth per week?

This botanical ring.

This style of finger tattoo has always been one of our favorites.

This amazing assortment.

Warning: Finger tattoos are addictive. Why get one when you can get eight? Taking finger tattoos to a whole new level.

This four letter word.

According to us, no four letter word has been tattooed on fingers more times than “love.”

This infinity arrow.

Combining two of the most common finger tattoos into one. How clever.

This bookworm.

Or Koob Worm depending on what this person is doing at the time.

These three dots.

This fingernail sprout.

This is what the beginning of every mehndi tattoo looks like.

His and her skulls.

Couple tattoos for those looking for something a little more edgy and unique than say matching infinity symbols. Nothing against infinity symbols they’ve just been done to death.

These 108 Marks symbols.

108 Marks is a book containing 108 sacred symbols from around the world with short descriptions of each.

These matching love tats.

This neo traditional dagger.

We’ve always been a sucker for almost anything done in the neo traditional style but this pierced dagger tattoo–also a favorite of ours—just takes it over the top. Some day.

These moon finger tattoos.

If you try hard enough, we’re sure there’s a full moon in here somewhere.

These gorgeous hand poked finger tattoos.

Dots, lines, and a crescent moon. Gorgeous.

This minimalistic heart.

Well drawn. But then again what else would you expect from the meticulously minimalistic Jon Boy ;).

This fleur-de-lis.

These cat and arrow finger tattoos.

Another arrow piercing the skin.

This mandala sheath.

It’s as if someone tied a tiny mandala patterned bandana around this lovely finger.

These sweet arrows.

Not to be confused with a highway sign.

These tiny finger tattoos.

This glass of red wine.

This is where you get a tattoo if you’re not sure you exactly want one. Just kidding.

True love.

In the palm of their hands. Only if we were so lucky. 

These praying hands.

The detail achieved in these tiny praying hands in smoothing else.

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